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Welcome to gay Christians, an Internet network of affirmative and supportive chat channels. Our "membership" draws support from a great variety of faith traditions, and our strength lies in such diversity. We affirm God's acceptance and love of all people, regardless of their sexual or affectional orientation.

GAY..... What does it mean to be gay?

What does being gay mean to you? What is your reaction to each of the following statements?

1. Being gay is having the capability to love a member of the same sex to a much greater depth than a member of the opposite sex.

2. Being gay is a matter of love, not a matter of sex.

3. Being gay is who you are, not what you do.

4. Being gay is part of you, not a separate entity.

5. Being gay is OK -- the sin is living a lie.

6. Being gay is not chosen, if it were, there would be no gays.

7. Being gay is to be ridiculed about something you can do nothing about.

8. Being gay is not changeable -- but it is liveable.

9. Being gay is accepting yourself when others are not accepting of you.

10. Being gay is being who you are -- even though you don't understand it.

11. Being gay is gentleness, warmth and sensitivity, when you are not at war with the outside world.

12. Being gay is different, and the definition of different is not "bad."

13. Being gay is reaching the autumn of your years and wondering why you have spent most of your life trying to get acceptance from people who don't know you and who don't understand you.

14. Being gay is YOU -- and nothing in this world is more important than that.

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